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Educator Seminars

Classroom Management Training Seminar

(Earn 1 to 6 Graduate Credits available with this course)

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We can no longer assume that our students are coming to us "ready and willing" to learn. 

Discipline takes away from our teaching time and interferes with learning.

Our training is application based for your success.

Who Should Attend

General education teachers, K through 12, special education teachers, principals, counselors, psychologists, at-risk coordinators, Title I coordinators, special education directors, staff development directors, paraprofessionals, educational assistants, administrators, curriculum directors, school board members, and parents.


All educators who:
- Increase student achievement
- Create positive classroom behavior
- Intervene effectively when students misbehave
- Want a program that significantly reduces classroom/school discipline problems
- Desire to see self-discipline, responsibility,cooperation, and problem-solving skills in their class
- Believe that good behavior is as important as academics
- Know that non-punitive methods work best for long-range positive results with students
- Want a large toolbox of non-punitive methods
- Desire classrooms where students demonstrate mutual respect
- Develop a classroom climate and school culture based on clear limits, consistency, and respect
- Motivate apathetic, reluctant learners, and potential dropouts
- Build a foundation for the prevention of violence
- Improve home, school, and community collaboration
- Promote character education and the development of good citizenship

Differentiated Instruction Training Seminar

New and veteran teachers benefit from cutting edge ideas, strategies, tips, and easy-to-implement differentiation strategies to address diverse learning needs and promote motivation and a desire to learn in all.

Mindful Classroom

Bring calm and focus to your classroom.  Increase detail awareness, student mindful interaction and eliminate or reduce bullying.